Hi, my name's Vincent.

I'm a private English teacher. Let's study together!

About Me

I’m a 30 year old Australian living in Japan. I studied science at university in Melbourne. I enjoy swimming, studying Japanese, and traveling.

I’ve lived in Tokyo since 2016, teaching at an English conversation school in Meguro. I’m passionate about helping students improve their English for their career, for travel, to maintain their English level, or just to have fun and enjoy a new skill.  

I look forward to meeting you and helping you improve your English. 


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I’ve taught over 4200 lessons to Japanese students.

About the Lessons

I currently offer one-on-one forty five minute online English lessons using Zoom. 

Each lesson is ¥2100. 

The first lesson is free, please use the coupon code “Firstlesson”.

The lessons are completely customisable. Some lesson ideas include.

  • Free conversation. Try catch-ball chatting.  
  • Survival English practice (hotels, restaurants, taxis, airports etc.).
  • Reading and discussing news articles. 
  • Practice writing emails, giving presentations, proofreading documents and more. 
  • Allowing me to guide the lesson. I can provide you with customised  lessons following my curriculum.

Anything’s okay!

Beginner Friendly

My lessons are appropriate for beginners. Start speaking English with me from zero!

Improve Today

Do these words sometimes confuse you?

look Vs. watch Vs. see
near Vs. nearby
most Vs. almost Vs. almost all
bring vs. take
by vs. until

I can help even strong English as a second language speakers take the next step toward fluency.


I've taught professional students from leading Japanese and global businesses.

I've also taught people studying English as a hobby or to improve their ability to travel.

Prepare for a test

I've helped students prepare for the following English tests:


Do you have Questions?

Click here to reach the contact page with frequently asked questions and a contact form for messaging me.